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Boulders – A Unique and Low Maintenance Landscape Feature

We L.O.V.E. rocks - specifically landscape boulders. What's to love about boulders? They are unique - show us two alike and we'll be impressed - low maintenance, and permanently attractive when properly placed.Create an attractive landscape feature with a few well-placed boulders and you have a low-maintenance long-term attraction (and kid climbing adventure in some…
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Irrigation Ditch and Pond Cleaning and Repair

Impact Excavating can help prepare your system for irrigation season!clean ponds and ditchesreset irrigation weirs and checksinstall new diversion valves Additional Services:install new irrigation pumpslevel ground for corrugated piperepair and install sprinkler systems  Removing debris, increasing depth, and sealing leaks in open ditches is a maintenance activity not always appreciated at first glance, but once…
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Repair Driveways Now Before the Winter Freeze

With the moisture content in the ground from recent rains, now is the perfect time for grading and compaction here in Idaho's Treasure Valley. Driveways and roadways should be repaired now in advance of the winter freeze. After the freeze starts, you must wait until the spring thaw for the next opportunity. If you don't…
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It’s 2014 & We’re Still Making Dirt Look Good!

Another New Year! And a good time to review the things we do best:1) Excavating (a.k.a. dirt work): holes, ditches, trenches, septic systems, rain drains, roads, drivewaysThe picture above is a septic drain field we built recently. Though it appears to be flat, it actually has a 1/2% grade, which the inspector was very pleased…
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