It’s 2014 & We’re Still Making Dirt Look Good!

Another New Year! And a good time to review the things we do best:

1) Excavating (a.k.a. dirt work): holes, ditches, trenches, septic systems, rain drains, roads, driveways

The picture above is a septic drain field we built recently. Though it appears to be flat, it actually has a 1/2% grade, which the inspector was very pleased to see. We encountered large rocks and made short work of them with our handy breaker (below).

2) Grading: fixing slopes to make water run where it should and not into your building or across your roadway. Eliminate puddles and/or erosion with professional grading expertise.

This shared driveway had eroded to a perilous condition. We gave it a makeover with a new crown, drainage catch basins, and a cap of compacted rock.

3)Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems: We install new sprinkler systems, repair existing ones, perform routine maintenance, winterize (blow-out), and activate. If you have a sprinkler system or want one - we can help!

Trenching for new irrigation

Sprinkler service: install, tune-up, repair, activate, winterize

4) Tree Service & Stump Removal: We have the necessary experience and equipment to trim up or take down trees. We'll even remove stumps - a rare service in these parts. Below is a cherry tree in need of serious pruning.

5) Ditch cleaning and repair: Farms and families using the irrigation district require maintenance and repair to the ditches servicing their land. We know that a clean and adequately graded ditch is imperative to delivering the maximum water available.

6) Landscaping:  Fixing what you have or installing new - the yard around your property has unlimited potential but your budget is not unlimited. We like to see your vision (or help you create one) and then tweak it to fit your budget. Most landscaping projects can be completed in phases. Adequate irrigation and proper grading provide a solid foundation for achieving your desired landscape vision.

This yard was poorly graded with limited sprinkler coverage. We re-zoned the sprinklers and properly graded the yard then installed trees and sod. This was completed in three phases at a pace the homeowner's budget could handle. That shed in the background rests on a level foundation of rock. We built the foundation, the homeowner purchased the shed separately.

Whatever your dirt work need - we can probably help. Call or visit our website for more information!