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It’s 2014 & We’re Still Making Dirt Look Good!

Another New Year! And a good time to review the things we do best:1) Excavating (a.k.a. dirt work): holes, ditches, trenches, septic systems, rain drains, roads, drivewaysThe picture above is a septic drain field we built recently. Though it appears to be flat, it actually has a 1/2% grade, which the inspector was very pleased…
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Spring-Time Chores Part II – Ditch Cleaning & Repair

You've probably noticed smoke in the air as ditches get their annual 'scorching' in preparation for the water that will soon flow to irrigate fields, flowers, gardens and lawns.We can clean your ditch and spruce up the surrounding area if it's an eyesore that you choose to eliminate.This customer had an overgrown and neglected ditch.…
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Spring-time Chores Part I: Tree Trimming

When our clocks "sprang ahead" we were magically launched into longer days and great spring weather. As we turn down the heaters, throw open the windows, and begin spring cleaning there are a number of things to accomplish outside as well.Tree trimming - Now is a great time to take out dead wood, trim up…
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