Spring-time Chores Part I: Tree Trimming

When our clocks "sprang ahead" we were magically launched into longer days and great spring weather. As we turn down the heaters, throw open the windows, and begin spring cleaning there are a number of things to accomplish outside as well.

Tree trimming - Now is a great time to take out dead wood, trim up fruit trees (any time before the buds is best for this year's crop), remove overhanging branches, and remove whole trees.  You can pay a lot or a little depending on what you want to accomplish. Use some of your wood as part of your payment for your tree service. Use the rest of your wood for home heating or split it and sell it as home heat for your neighbor's wood stove. We offer tree service as part of the landscaping arm of Impact Excavating. Call today for your tree-service estimate.

A pruning is scheduled for this long-neglected old cherry tree
This dramatic change gives it a renewed opportunity to bear good fruit

Large overhanging branches dropped
A whole tree is processed for removal

Whenever possible, we prefer to save a tree

Save your faithful old shade tree with proper trimming and a good feeding schedule.

Impact Excavating - We don't just dig in the dirt. Tree service fits into our property improvement and beautification model. Call today for an estimate - 208-477-4101