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Repair Driveways Now Before the Winter Freeze

With the moisture content in the ground from recent rains, now is the perfect time for grading and compaction here in Idaho's Treasure Valley. Driveways and roadways should be repaired now in advance of the winter freeze. After the freeze starts, you must wait until the spring thaw for the next opportunity. If you don't…
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Flooded basements & crawl spaces – OH MY!

Extending downspouts directs rain & snow runoff further away from the foundationRecent heavy rains in the Treasure Valley have caused unexpected problems for some homeowners. We know that basements flooded and overtaxed downspouts caused water to run into crawl spaces and fill basement window wells.After cleaning up the soggy basement (one report was $5,000!) the…
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Spring-Time Chores Part II – Ditch Cleaning & Repair

You've probably noticed smoke in the air as ditches get their annual 'scorching' in preparation for the water that will soon flow to irrigate fields, flowers, gardens and lawns.We can clean your ditch and spruce up the surrounding area if it's an eyesore that you choose to eliminate.This customer had an overgrown and neglected ditch.…
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