Boulders – A Unique and Low Maintenance Landscape Feature

We L.O.V.E. rocks - specifically landscape boulders. What's to love about boulders? They are unique - show us two alike and we'll be impressed - low maintenance, and permanently attractive when properly placed.

Create an attractive landscape feature with a few well-placed boulders and you have a low-maintenance long-term attraction (and kid climbing adventure in some cases) on your property. Impact Excavating sells boulders - delivered and placed - at very competitive prices.


These boulders are also excellent for building attractive and unique retaining walls. You could have a standard retaining wall just like all your neighbors, but that's nothing to talk about. Boulder retaining walls provide a setting

inspired by nature and attract attention.

Columns are pretty interesting (think Stonehenge), boulders with lichen have lots of character, then there are the multi-colored rocks which can visually connect your overall landscape scheme to the boulder feature.

Placing boulders is similar to putting together a puzzle. A skilled craftsman with a keen eye will roll the rock around until he discovers the perfect way each individual boulder fits best into the surrounding landscape. Anything less and you end up with an artless pile of lonely stones.

When you surround boulders with cobble or 2" drain rock (we prefer Indian Love Stone for its great color variations and smooth texture) you have an instant weed-free landscape bed. Border a walkway or stairs for instant appeal.

Whether you have a yard full of grass to mow, love your flowers, or hate all manner of gardening and yard care - boulder landscape features will increase your curb appeal for years to come.

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