Repair Driveways Now Before the Winter Freeze

With the moisture content in the ground from recent rains, now is the perfect time for grading and compaction here in Idaho's Treasure Valley. Driveways and roadways should be repaired now in advance of the winter freeze. After the freeze starts, you must wait until the spring thaw for the next opportunity. If you don't act soon to repair your driveway you'll be faced with a winter-long roller coaster ride down your frozen pothole-riddled driveway.

Putting the right crown on your road will keep material on the driving surface and keep moisture off the road surface. We learned how to build roads to stay dry in the rainy climate of Oregon's Willamette valley. Bringing that expertise to the Treasure Valley and coupled with the right equipment best suited for the job ensures you are in good hands when you hire Impact Excavating for your road repair and grading needs.

Let us get rid of your potholes, mud puddles, and wash boards. Call Darren at Impact Excavating 208-477-4101 for a free estimate.

Ripping & grading to prep for new gravel
A new crown ensures new material will stay on the road while water sheds away

This shared road has a steep downhill grade. It was full of potholes and washboards and gravel had washed into the ditch. Residents could barely navigate uphill and perilously slid downhill in snow and mud conditions.

A new crown, improved ditches, reclaimed and additional gravel help this Meridian hilltop community navigate safely.

Get the advantage of a full-scale grader without the full-scale expense