Flooded basements & crawl spaces – OH MY!

Extending downspouts directs rain & snow runoff further away from the foundation

Recent heavy rains in the Treasure Valley have caused unexpected problems for some homeowners. We know that basements flooded and overtaxed downspouts caused water to run into crawl spaces and fill basement window wells.

After cleaning up the soggy basement (one report was $5,000!) the natural next step is to figure out how to make sure this trouble never happens again.

Most likely the problem occurred due to improper grading when the house was built or when the landscaping was installed. The land slopes toward the foundation instead of away from it, and of course water finds its way to the lowest point. In this Valley there seems to be a low emphasis on keeping water away from foundations because there is such little water to be concerned with around these parts.

We, at Impact Excavating, learned the profession in Oregon's constantly overcast, rainy, wet Willamette Valley - quite the opposite climate from this valley. Grading to keep water away from the foundation is of utmost importance and a primary concern for excavating contractors in that region.

We provided some decorative touches to this homeowner's foundation drainage solution

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If you are having water problems around your foundation, we can install rain drains to capture and carry runoff and change the slope of the land surrounding your house to move excess water away from your foundation instead of toward your foundation.
Digging the hillside back to create a run-off buffer and keep water away from the building

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