Welcome to Impact Excavating. Since 2004

Impact Excavating: Offering professional, creative, and courteous landscaping and excavating services since 2004.

Professional: We offer qualified, experienced and conscientious equipment operation at your home or job site. We match the equipment to the project because we understand that one size does not fit all and backhoes have their limitations.

Creative: Many times when we engage a project the final result is different than the original plan (unless we're working from blueprints). We have the ability to develop improved solutions that achieve the client's objectives while often times saving money or time or materials along the way.

Courteous: Your property is our concern. Many contractors do their job without regard for surrounding landscape, driveways, buildings, etc. We care about the impact of our work to your WHOLE property. We won't tear up your yard where it's not necessary and we clean up our messes.