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Our residential services range from simple to complex, depending on your specific needs. We fix potholes in driveways, install French drains in existing yards, and build new roads and dig out for new construction. If you need concrete work, we can help with that too. Whether you need landscaping, excavating, septic system install or repair, and more we can help you around the house.

There is more to dirt work than just digging trenches and moving dirt. Preserving and improving the integrity of the soil, protecting the unexcavated surroundings, making certain that the slope of the new grade is correct (so water goes away from buildings and not into them!) and leaving the job site better than we found it are our priorities.

  • Site prep for new construction
  • Ground clearing and grading
  • Installing underground utilities (power, water, sewer)
  • Drainage and water detention systems
  • Road grading and repair
  • Activity fields, swimming pools, and ponds
  • Repair/improve drainage and driveways
  • Land clearing & grading for new construction
  • Build roads & parking lots

“Excavating” can be an intimidating word for the average property owner. It is easy to assume that it must cost a lot! Don’t be overwhelmed by that big word. We’ve done jobs for as little as $100 (after minimums are achieved). Call Impact Excavating to get a fair price and a quality result!

Septic Systems

Septic systems require periodic maintenance, drainfield replacement or repair, and even expansion. We’ve installed a variety of septic systems to fit the needs and requirements of residential and commercial properties.

We are properly licensed and bonded to install standard systems. Your first step is to schedule a health department inspector for a perk test. You can coordinate with us to dig your test hole for the inspector for $300-$500 (depending upon location). After the inspector informs us of the system requirements then Impact Excavating can design and install a system to fit your needs.

Call Impact Excavating today for more information on a new system installation or to repair or upgrade an existing system.

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