Conserve Water This Season with Irrigation & Sprinkler System Repairs

When you see a lush green patch in the middle of an UN-irrigated section of ground you can suspect a broken water line of some kind. Repairing these breaks is how we can help you conserve water during this irrigation season.

Impact Excavating was recently called to repair an irrigation line for a local home owners association. This particular line feeds a small rural subdivision. The initial installation included materials that were not properly rated for this pressurized system which resulted in a break in the line at a joint.

The repairs we made included installing schedule 40 pipe and a Megalug coupling to handle the high PSI rating.

Pumping out the hole full of water. Notice the greenery in the midst of the dry field grass

Removing the old blue pipe

Installing Schedule 40 pipe


The Megalug and Schedule 40 pipe installed accompanied by a concrete headwall. This should never fail again.

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