Winter Chores That Can Be Done Even in Snow

What can be done on your property with snow still on the ground and a frost layer of several inches?  

 Road grading and ditch repair! 

(we do tree service too - read below)

It's common to wait until just before irrigation season begins to think about the condition of your ditches. Everyone else is thinking that same thing so there is a bottle-neck in the schedule and you may find a waiting period of a week or more if you wait until March to finish this chore.
Get first in line and check your irrigation needs off your list. Because when the irrigation is soon flowing you know the weather is so great that you'll want to be spending time and money on spring flowers and garden plans and not on ditch work.  
And, remember all those puddles and that standing water you dealt with during last spring's rains? That water will show up again when the snow melts and the rains begin again. Why not take care of those drainage problems now so you are nice and dry and puddle-free when the weather changes?
While it is unarguably beautiful, the weight of winter's white deposits on your trees may be causing some breakage and damage. You don't have to wait for the snow to melt to have broken limbs trimmed or damaged trees removed. 
Now is a good time to do that because when the snow melts and the daffodils pop up our phone rings and our schedule fills up with spring-cleaning, sprinkler activation, and all things dirt.

Tree Trimming and Removal, Ditch Cleaning, Road Grading, Drainage Repair -

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