We Make Dirt Look Good!

We have been inactive in our postings over the last several years because we've been on a full-time mission project through HighTouch Ministries (see details at http://www.hightouchministry.org/). That journey took us from Oregon to Texas to Missouri and we added two children to our family during that time. Now we're settled in Idaho where we plan to raise our family and build a business serving property owners in the beautiful Treasure Valley.
Our experience has become vast as we've journeyed from project to project and state to state. Working in multiple municipalities and learning the various codes and standards has deepened our experience and increased our expertise in all manner of excavation and landscaping areas.
View pictures from our projects to see the amount of variety and detail we've experienced in the world of moving dirt.

This first set of pictures is the installation of a commercial septic treatment plant handling more than 15,000 gallons per day.

digging trenches for the drainfield - the laser level ensures precision slope for proper drainage

carefully connecting the drainfield pipes and chambers together to ensure proper flow

The green 'turtles' are called NYADIC tanks - they are planted 9 ft. in the ground.

this is the finished graded drain field - ready for planting.