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NO MORE HOSES SNAKING THROUGH THE YARD! This customer had us install a three-zone residential sprinkler system. This one runs off the irrigation ditch and includes a 1,000 gallon collection system to sprinkle the yard throughout the week when the ditch isn't running. Nice.


    Day One: trenching the lines & laying pipe


    Day Two: setting the heads, backfilling the trench lines and laying grass seed (another option is to use a sod cutter and replace the sod after the lines are backfilled)


    Day Two: Final inspection & calibration - This system is complete!


    So many people who call us for an estimate say they called another company and never received a call back or they were told someone would come do an estimate and no one showed up.
    We are in business and plan to stay in business, so we'll certainly call you back AND show up when we say we will.
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    • drain repair,
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    • water problems,
    • sprinkler system work,
    • underground utilities,
    • septic systems,
    • building pads,
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